Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Weekly Update 1

Here are my top 10 records I’ve been listening to this week:

Beirut “The Flying Club Cup” -

One of my favorite records so far this year.

If you like what you hear, check out:

Efterklang “Parades -

The Octopus Project “Hello, Avalanche” -

Adrian Orange and her Band “S/T” -

Mum “Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy” -

For fans of: Animal Collective, Broadcast, Avalanches, Caribou

Playing: Nov. 4 Summerville Theater - Summerville, MA8 pm

Kevin Drew “Spirit If…” -

Playing: Nov. 13 Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA8 pm

Solo project from lead man from Broken Social Scene, gets help from his Broken Social Scene friends and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. Check out Broken Social Scene, too:

Band of Horses “Cease to Begin” -

Playing: Nov. 7 Pearl Street Ballroom – Northampton, MA – 830 pm

WMUA Co-presenting!

White Magic “Dark Stars” -

Playing: Nov. 30 TT the Bear’s – Boston, MA8 pm

Sunset Rubdown “Random Spirit Lover” -

Jens Lekman – “Night Falls Over Kortedala” -

Playing: Oct. 29 Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA8 pm

Look out for new records from Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, and the “I’m Not There” soundtrack featuring Bob Dylan covers from Yo La Tengo, Stephen Malkmus (Pavement), Cat Power, The Black Keys, and tons more!

Also, I received the new Beck single, Timebomb, on Vinyl, so check out the Vinyl bin if you want to spin that!

Thanks for playing new music, and I hope you all have a great weekend!


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